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Change Log

Version 58

Added: New Character Mechanica, including 9 new character cards and 5 new character equipment items.
Changed: Equipment that is not unlocked will not be draftable
Changed: Equipment that is not unlocked will not be viewed in Library
Changed: Bounty reward for energy reduction now removes energy cost of a card, costs more.
Changed: Bounty rewards for card damage and card health removed
Fixed: Weekly and Daily scores not ordered correctly.
Fixed: Weekly Score for Fr not submitted
Fixed: Tavern Result for 5th Tavern not showing
Fixed: Map Fragments don't trigger
Fixed: Iron Helmet blocks more than once
Fixed: Double tap issue on several buttons in UI
Fixed: Energy reduce items and cards trigger after a cards energy is consumed

Version 57


Added: Character Selection Menu.
Added: Unlock progression for character items.
Added: Curved Axe card.
Added: Updated/New card images/icons.
Added: Daily Highscores for Weekly.
Changed: Equipment items have defined shapes.
Changed: Updated Burning cards effects.
Changed: Whetstone5 - Dealing Bleed also deals 2 damage.
Changed: Master Gloves - Deal 3 damage to a random enemy adjacent to the last selected card.
Fixed: Weekly can generate the same characters in following weeks.
Fixed: Random Seeds more consistent for Weekly.
Fixed: Loading a saved Weekly crashes the game.
Fixed: Freezing Scroll does not target obstacles.
Fixed: Bonfire energy reduce cards triggers on 0 energy cards.
Fixed: Spiderweb tooltip crashes.

Version 56

Added: Card and Equipment Library
Added: Weekly Tavern Crawl
Changed: Poison replaced with Bleed. Bleed deals 1 physical damage at the end of the turn. Bleed is a binary state now.
Changed: Rogue Cards now deal Bleed instead of Poison.
Changed: Rogue Equipment interacts with Bleed.
Changed: All poison related cards updated to Bleed related abilities.
Changed: Burn is now a binary state that deals 1 damage when you select the card.
Changed: Curse is now a binary state that decreases Enemy card energy cost by 1 and increases player cards by 1.
Changed: Wording of some cards.
Fixed: Random Seeds stay consistent throughout the game.
Minor fixes and wording changes.

Version 55

Added: Equipment menu access to all reward menus
Added: Reroll Bounty rewards for 2 gold
Added: Button to hide Bonfire menu
Changed: Reflecting Armor - Block 2 attack damage and reflect it to a random enemy the first time you are attacked each turn.
Changed: Iron Helmet - Block 3 attack damage the first time you are attacked each turn.
Changed: Rage Gem - The first attack card you select each turn increases its damage by 1.
Changed: Annoying Mosquito costs 3 energy.
Fixed: Reflection Armor does not reflect damage
Fixed: Map Fragments always unlock
Fixed: Equipment Item Tooltip duplicates
Minor fixes and wording changes.

Version 54

Added: Inventory display in game
Added: Tavern Discover Menu
Added: More Tooltips
Changed: Bombs have a timer
Changed: Added 2 directions for each Map Fragment
Changed: First Barkeeper always starts with 0 attack.
Fixed: Above 1 and 3 health Quests
Fixed: Card/Menus overlaid by Path
Fixed: Doubled Tooltips
Fixed: Treasure unlock requirements rolls never the same value
Fixed: Overlaying floaters.
Minor fixes and wording changes.