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Change Log

Version 127

Added: New App Icon.
Added: Boss Cues.
Added: Game Intro Music.
Added: Final Map art.
Added: German App Store text.
Changed: Charm of Death removes 1 player strength when activated.
Changed: Weekly results only viewable after you've played.
Fixed: Forbidden Fruit interaction with other healing Items does not work.
Fixed: Frozen Monster kills not counted when selected in path.
Fixed: Drafted allies don't get +hp from healthy meal.

Version 126

Added: End Screen Music.
Added: Bonfire Music.
Added: Game End Music.
Fixed: Mechanica Plug Item only works with enemies.
Fixed: Magnetic Coil sometimes does not attack.
Fixed: Soul Chest reward is triggered multiple times.
Fixed: Another Heavy Coin exploit.
Fixed: Super tall screen phone layout sometimes misaligned.

Version 125

Added: Travel Screen Music
Added: Woodlouse Lord animation.
Fixed: Immunity not in save state.
Fixed: Soul chest does not trigger from equipment.
Fixed: Update draw from discard pile to include multiple cards to speed animation up.
Fixed: When drawing end cards from discard, all ambush effects immediately get revoked.
Fixed: Treasure reward card layer issue.

Version 124

Added: iOS preview videos.
Fixed: Game end screen crash.
Fixed: Frost Warden Shield can target already blocked monster.
Fixed: Small Slime can heal 0 health other Slime.

Version 123

Changed: Heavy Coin disabled for Mechanica.
Changed: Removed Treasure Goblin for first Tavern.
Changed: Talisman of Goddess moved to Character Selection menu.
Changed: Highscores reseted.
Fixed: Game Center highscore for Blood Cultist and Cursed Mode.
Fixed: End screen not displayed.

Version 122

Added: Final end screen.
Added: Weekly Plan has results and Boss displayed for the day.
Changed: Big Slime base health reduced to 6/8/10.
Changed: Charm of Duplication permanently adds a copied card.
Changed: If possible, Mechanical Lock chest will always spawn with the first lock reachable.
Changed: Selection outline in card modification menu.
Fixed: Broken save state after tutorial
Fixed: Quest tracker for Strength/Health below 5 on third shuffle tracks more then once.
Fixed: Duplicated save game load menu in tavern menu.
Fixed: Typos typos typos.

Version 121

Added: Final Start menu.
Added: Game manual.
Added: New Music.
Changed: Overhauled and improved tutorial.
Changed: Added new backgrounds to first tavern and library.
Fixed: Bonfire animation not showing in remaining player deck menu.
Fixed: Burn status in tooltip not showing.
Fixed: Prisma with grumpy tavern dweller does not reflect damage.

Version 120

Added: New sound effects.
Added: New character selection bg art.
Fixed: Tooltip of Blocker Crab show wrong element immunity.
Fixed: Charm of death targets unkillable monsters.

Version 119

Changed: App Icon.
Changed: Spike trap now does 3 dmg and bleed.
Changed: Menu UI / animation polish.
Fixed: Icicle also targets non monster/obstacle cards.

Version 118

Added: App Icon.
Added: Custom Twitter sharing Image.
Added: Character selection UI / animation polish.
Added: Tooltipmenu UI polish.
Changed: Equipment tooltip UI.
Changed: Policy Menu.
Fixed: Crash when Lightning dmg monster gets counted as player card.

Version 117

Added: New Tavern "The Tinkers Den".
Added: New Tavern "Winters Inn".
Fixed: Piercing arrow dmg not increased.
Fixed: Equipment items that deal damage don't scale with Needle.
Fixed: Sacrifice Chest does not count kills from equipment items.
Fixed: Keys get destroyed when opening a shocked chest.
Fixed: Boss text icon not updated.
Fixed: Player death not counted when it happens on turn start.
Fixed: Cards that rely on count of cards in deck don't get affected by dmg increase.
Fixed: Charm of the Blades crash when it's revoked.

Version 116

Added: Final character selection menu.
Added: Merchant polish.
Added: Library polish.
Added: Hoerni draw and angry animations.
Added: Animated in game chars.
Added: Mark treasure as opened when Thief activates it.
Added: Wip char portraits for menus.
Fixed: Thief gets destroyed after usage.
Fixed: Inventory icons not scaled properly.
Fixed: Cursed menu load state issues.

Version 115

Added: Small Camera Zoom in game view.
Change: Burning container dmg buffed to 10.
Changed: Bonfire energy reduce now only lasts 1 turn.
Fixed: Merchant shows death warning when frozen.
Fixed: FireStone 3 task tracking not active.
Fixed: Treasures collected in achievement manager not active.

Version 113

Added: Travel Screen
Added: The Gnarled Root Tavern
Added: Thief's Hideout Tavern
Added: The Candle Cave Tavern
Added: Final in game UI
Added: 3 new Bonfire cards.
Added: Final equipment menu.
Fixed: Healthy Meal bugged when multiple Allies get buffed.

Version 112

Changed: Merchant is now smaller.
Changed: Ask for Review only after a win.
Added: Twitter sharing.
Fixed: Goat Horn does not revoke revenge effects correctly.

Version 111

Added: Final art for Lady Frost.
Added: App Rating.
Added: Twitter sharing.
Fixed: Quest Tracker resets after beginning of the turn.
Fixed: Big Slime reward scores.
Fixed: iPhone 12/13 mini issues.
Fixed: Save game issue after database update.
Fixed: Iron Hammer does not trigger Hidden Blade.
Fixed: Burner can target already burning cards.
Fixed: Revenge abilities triggered by Crossbow can get revoked from other cards that attacked the same target.

Version 110

Added: Final Pastor Art
Added: Final Imp Art
Added: New Big Slime Boss.
Added: Health / Strength / Gold display in inventory
Fixed: Total score calculation for Weekly wrong.
Fixed: Mosquito 1 life / bleed end of turn warning incorrect.

Version 109

Added: Bat & Soul eater final art.
Added: New Tavern Charms.
Added: New Sound Effects.
Added: Equipment Item Ui shows which items are active and when they trigger.
Fixed: Plasma Ball targets already shocked cards.
Fixed: Jumper Cables revoke does not trigger, when previous Plasma Ball was active.
Fixed: Physical Block minions are hit by Bat.
Fixed: Unfinished Weekly Runs are shown in the overview.

Version 108

Added: Final Character art.
Added: Bolt animation for Crossbow.
Added: Chars in Weekly.
Changed: New neutral monster card pool that makes the neutral monsters selection equal on each seed.
Fixed: Card images missing.
Fixed: Block can target Obstacles.
Fixed: Spiked Hammer does not get Bonus from Garrote.
Fixed: Crash when Jumper Cables have no target.
Fixed: Numbers larger than 9 display wrong font.

Version 106

Added: Mechanica Idle animation.
Added: Final Pyromancer art.
Added: Final Blood Cultist art.
Changed: Lots of optimization for loading of card images and animations.
Changed: Card library display.
Fixed: Tooth not removed on turn start.
Fixed: Boss animation bugged when hit animation still playing.
Fixed: Gold animation in Bounty Reward cut off.
Fixed: Card highlight inactive on reset.
Fixed: Equipment effect data faulty.

Version 105

Added: Coin animation.
Added: Tooth animation.
Added: Merchant idle animation.
Added: Dry Bones idle animation.
Added: Mechanica final character art.
Changed: Score only based on collected gold.
Changed: Scary Mask only targets monsters without immunity.
Fixed: Cards selectable when intro animation is active.

Version 103

Added: New path visual.
Added: German Localization.
Added: Display Gold reward in Tavern preview menu.
Added: Most of the reward menus now display tooltips as well.
Changed: Balancing for Boss / Quest gold rewards.
Changed: In the world map overview difficulty and gold rewards are now correctly display and change / scale based on your progress.
Changed: UI and Icons for Tavern Banners.
Changed: Tooltips layout.
Fixed: Inventory item highlights.
Fixed: Frozen Endure dmg not counted.
Fixed: Weekly notification not shown.
Fixed: Eviscerate 3 does only 1 dmg.

Version 102

Added: Weekly Crawl reminder menu.
Added: Board marker animation.
Added: Warning menu when you haven't equipped a 2nd item.
Changed: Needle and Glaive to Tier 3 items.
Changed: Sharp Dagger Upgrade 3, Deal 3 dmg and Bleed.
Changed: Jagged Dagger, 2 Strength, Deal 2 dmg and Bleed.
Changed: All Bleed cards apply Bleed before Damage.
Changed: First Weekly ist free.
Fixed: Flame Bolt has wrong target filters.
Fixed: Quest confirm for in turn quests.

Version 101

Added: New Card art.
Added: Character Icons.
Added: Reward Icons.
Changed: Tutorial flow until first game.
Fixed: Magnetic Coil text does not match function.
Fixed: Check if tapping possible during Fly discard.
Fixed: A shocked treasure displays wrong treasure highlight.
Fixed: Barkeeper damage increase is not permanent.
Fixed: Ice particle not local.

Version 100

Added: New Card art.
Added: New card status effects.
Added: New confirm animation.
Added: equipment names/Icons in library.
Added: Soul Eater discard animation.
Fixed: Inventory icon positions.
Fixed: Damage preview for blocker crab crash.
Fixed: Damage preview for revenge block wrong.
Fixed: Goat Horn can target dead enemies.

Version 99

Added: New Card art.
Added: All inventory items.
Fixed: Smaller issues.

Version 98

Added: New Card art.
Added: New music.
Fixed: Inventory not disabled when menu active.
Fixed: Treasure highlight active when treasure shocked.
Fixed: Treasure highlight not in card transform.
Fixed: Hide button visible in tutorial.

Version 97

Added: New Card art.
Added: new Equipment item icons.
Added: Slime test animation.
Added: Placeholder Music.
Added: animation that shows what card was removed from tavern trait.
Added: Bard animation.
Changed: Discover menu ok button.
Changed: Master Gloves can also hit selected target.
Fixed: CultistRobe3 does not add and revoke when 1 card interacts multiple times.
Fixed: Crash in highscores when no player data available.
Fixed: Cursed item in weekly counts as cursed mode.
Fixed: Mechanica offensive item previews shock.
Fixed: Audio Banks not loaded.

Version 96

Added: Monetization
Added: More wip Sounds.
Added: New Card art.
Added: Simpler Bug Reporter.
Changed: Tavern Charms now all have the same rarity.
Changed: Card library improvements.
Fixed: Swiping left in char screen selects Pyro.
Fixed: Blade Flurry ignores Gauntlet.
Fixed: Quests can be finished by rapid tapping.
Fixed: Damage preview for Whetstone2 wrong.
Fixed: Quests can be finished by rapid tapping.
Fixed: Mechanica offensive item previews shock.
Fixed: Volt Storage can increase twice in combination with Mechanica starter.

Version 93

Added: Wip Character art
Added: Wip Bosses in game.
Added: Wip Merchant in Game.
Changed: Rename 1-x to just x.
Changed: Renamed Volt Storage.
Fixed: Date issues with Weekly.
Fixed: Turn confirm UI stays on board.
Fixed: Cloud Save android still bugged. (removed for now).
Fixed: Pastor + Health below certain amount conflict.
Fixed: Constantly tapping heal cards can finish heal quest.
Fixed: Mechanica offensive item previews shock.
Fixed: Black Smith Gloves show wrong values on Staff.
Fixed: Staff value reset when staff not in selection crash.

Version 92

Added: Tavern quest complete Icon animation.
Added: Annoying Fly discard animation.
Added: Character art in Weekly.
Changed: Eviscerate has no longer Exhaust.
Fixed: Archer overwrites adjacent attack filter.
Fixed: Archer affects previously selected arrows.
Fixed: Various new and old bugs

Version 91

Added: New Card art
Added: New art and effect for Mechanical Lock chest.
Changed: Block is now a status effect that effects all cards that can deal damage to the player.
Changed: Obstacle cards not discard into the draw pile instead of not discarding at all.
Changed: Altair Chest requirement reduced to 3-5 in Tavern 1.
Fixed: Strength revoke from item not working.
Fixed: In game inventory does not update positions.
Fixed: Audio slider does not change sound/music volume.
Fixed: Remove skip button in Merchant tutorial.
Fixed: 7 Health from Strength drain Quest not implemented.
Fixed: Battery1 of Mechanica sometimes triggers twice per turn.
Fixed: Various new and old bugs.

Version 90

Added: New character items.
Changed: Character items unlocked by tasks, XP removed.
Changed: In game inventory easier to hit with taps and slides.
Changed: Damage preview disabled when enemy already at 0 health.
Fixed: Various end of turn warning issues.
Fixed: Mosquito damage not correct.
Fixed: Time not localized.
Fixed: Cloud save issues.
Fixed: Reshuffle Tavern Trait that burns cards triggers on turn end.
Fixed: Menu mask overlay issues.
Fixed: Various new and old bugs.

Version 88

Added: New in game inventory.
Added: Game Over warning for end of turn abilities.
Changed: 0 value cards display 1-X to show that they increase value after taking actions.
Changed: Monsters that target all other monsters don't target them selfs until they're the only target.
Fixed: Google Play login issues.
Fixed: Tooltip click through issues.
Fix: Game can continue after defeat.
Fixed: Chalice hits 0 health cards.
Fixed: Various new and old bugs.

Version 87

Added: New Card art.
Added: More Tooltip Information
Added: Most cards in menus can be tapped to display the Tooltip
Added: Impatient Bard highlight.
Added: Card names added in Tooltip.
Added: Tavern Quest menu shows Boss and Quest completed status.
Changed: Pyromancer Flame bolt.
Changed: Cards that increase values based on the selection of other instantly show the change.
Fixed: Cards get squashed.
Fixed: UI alignment on super tall phones.
Fixed: Strength Cost remove does not persist after upgrading a card.
Fixed: Various new and old bugs.

Version 85

Added: New Card art.
Added: Placeholder Art to remove grey boxes.
Added: Placeholder item shapes.
Fixed: Healer hits random targets.
Fixed: Rally does not increase dmg by 2.
Fixed: Frost Warden shield blocks on discard trigger.
Fixed: Various new and old bugs.

Version 84

Added: new Card art
Added: Placeholder Art to remove grey boxes.
Changed: Card and Equipment discovery in library.
Fixed: Various new and old bugs.

Version 82

Added: new Card art
Added: Character selection test art
Changed: Free Token refresh timer
Fixed: Card library loading bug
Fixed: Crash after card upgrade
Fixed: Dead overlay stays on Tavern end
Fixed: Crash after reflecting damage onto 1 card
Fixed: External audio muted on iOS

Version 81

Added: Visual feedback for states
Added: FMOD test sound and Ambient
Added: Equipment Item: Whenever you block damage with a card, reflect that damage to a random Monster/Obstacle
Added: 0 Health Warning overlay
Added: Smaller card animation improvements.
Fixed: Various new and old bugs.

Version 80

Added: Weekly Crawl sync backup.
Changed: Health & Energy increase rewards cost increased.
Fixed: Various new and old bugs.

Version 78

Added: Character unlock items for cursed mode.
Added: Cursed Mode explanation.
Added: New card art.
Fixed: Highscores for Cursed Runs.
Fixed: Tavern Rewards stay removed from Curse.
Fixed: Various new and old bugs.

Version 77

Added: Highscores for Cursed Runs.
Added: 2 new Cursed Items.
Added: New card art.
Changed: Character Selection Menu.
Changed: Character equipment unlocks
Changed: Weekly high score for each day visible even if not played/completed.
Changed: Distribution and type balance of neutral monster cards.
Fixed: Double tap issue when getting a random card of a higher tier.
Fixed: Various new and old bugs

Version 76

Added: First draft for Cursed Mode incl. 10 new cursed Items.
Added: 2 new bosses
Added: New card art.
Changed: overhaul/redesign for the neutral monsters types.
Fixed: Various new and old bugs

Version 75

Added: Treasure Highlight
Added: Cultist Highscore
Added: New FX
Added: New card art
Fixed: Various new and old bugs

Version 74

Added: new Character Blood Cultist
Added: Game Center / Play Service - Highscores, Achievements
Added: Cloud Save
Added: New card art
Added: Android Back button
Added: Cross Promo
Fixed: Various new and old bugs

Version 72

Added: Tutorial improvements
Added: Bonfire card animation test
Added: Few UI improvements.
Added: New card art
Changed: Saved game load in main menu, both modes saved simultaneously
Fixed: Player selection button issue.
Fixed: Immune icon does not fade on destroy
Fixed: Exit card will always spawn when discarded

Version 71

Added: Tutorial.
Added: Settings Menu.
Added: Few UI improvements.
Fixed: Issue with Scoundrel Item 5.
Fixed: Locked equipment not visible when playing weekly.
Fixed: A lot of things.

Version 70

Added: Main Screen Art (Placeholder).
Added: Weekly Tavern Crawl latest version check.
Added: Weekly Tavern Crawl Map Draft.
Added: Card remove effect.
Added: Ui improvements to make some animations quicker.
Fixed: A lot of things.

Version 68

Added: New card illustrations.
Added: New Damage Preview.
Added: First Tavern Dealer test
Added: Ui improvements.
Fixed: A lot of things.

Version 65

Added: New card illustrations.
Added: Card borders.
Added: Damage preview Test.
Added: Ui improvements.
Change: Card desc overhauled.
Fixed: Too many things.

Version 63

Added: Lots of card art.
Added: Keywords and general card text overhaul with Icons.
Added: Fonts.
Added: Talisman Of the Godess
Added: Achievements
Changed: Thief Ally
Fixed: A lot of smaller issues.

Version 58

Added: New Character Mechanica, including 9 new character cards and 5 new character equipment items.
Changed: Equipment that is not unlocked will not be draftable
Changed: Equipment that is not unlocked will not be viewed in Library
Changed: Bounty reward for energy reduction now removes energy cost of a card, costs more.
Changed: Bounty rewards for card damage and card health removed
Fixed: Weekly and Daily scores not ordered correctly.
Fixed: Weekly Score for Fr not submitted
Fixed: Tavern Result for 5th Tavern not showing
Fixed: Map Fragments don't trigger
Fixed: Iron Helmet blocks more than once
Fixed: Double tap issue on several buttons in UI
Fixed: Energy reduce items and cards trigger after a cards energy is consumed

Version 57


Added: Character Selection Menu.
Added: Unlock progression for character items.
Added: Curved Axe card.
Added: Updated/New card images/icons.
Added: Daily Highscores for Weekly.
Changed: Equipment items have defined shapes.
Changed: Updated Burning cards effects.
Changed: Whetstone5 - Dealing Bleed also deals 2 damage.
Changed: Master Gloves - Deal 3 damage to a random enemy adjacent to the last selected card.
Fixed: Weekly can generate the same characters in following weeks.
Fixed: Random Seeds more consistent for Weekly.
Fixed: Loading a saved Weekly crashes the game.
Fixed: Freezing Scroll does not target obstacles.
Fixed: Bonfire energy reduce cards triggers on 0 energy cards.
Fixed: Spiderweb tooltip crashes.

Version 56

Added: Card and Equipment Library
Added: Weekly Tavern Crawl
Changed: Poison replaced with Bleed. Bleed deals 1 physical damage at the end of the turn. Bleed is a binary state now.
Changed: Rogue Cards now deal Bleed instead of Poison.
Changed: Rogue Equipment interacts with Bleed.
Changed: All poison related cards updated to Bleed related abilities.
Changed: Burn is now a binary state that deals 1 damage when you select the card.
Changed: Curse is now a binary state that decreases Enemy card energy cost by 1 and increases player cards by 1.
Changed: Wording of some cards.
Fixed: Random Seeds stay consistent throughout the game.
Minor fixes and wording changes.

Version 55

Added: Equipment menu access to all reward menus
Added: Reroll Bounty rewards for 2 gold
Added: Button to hide Bonfire menu
Changed: Reflecting Armor - Block 2 attack damage and reflect it to a random enemy the first time you are attacked each turn.
Changed: Iron Helmet - Block 3 attack damage the first time you are attacked each turn.
Changed: Rage Gem - The first attack card you select each turn increases its damage by 1.
Changed: Annoying Mosquito costs 3 energy.
Fixed: Reflection Armor does not reflect damage
Fixed: Map Fragments always unlock
Fixed: Equipment Item Tooltip duplicates
Minor fixes and wording changes.

Version 54

Added: Inventory display in game
Added: Tavern Discover Menu
Added: More Tooltips
Changed: Bombs have a timer
Changed: Added 2 directions for each Map Fragment
Changed: First Barkeeper always starts with 0 attack.
Fixed: Above 1 and 3 health Quests
Fixed: Card/Menus overlaid by Path
Fixed: Doubled Tooltips
Fixed: Treasure unlock requirements rolls never the same value
Fixed: Overlaying floaters.
Minor fixes and wording changes.